Training with The Thrive Consultancy is underpinned by the growth mindset.  We believe the power of ‘yet’ is compelling …..

I can’t do this…..yet

I’m not good at this…..yet

I don’t understand this…..yet

It doesn’t work…..yet

This doesn’t make sense…..yet

So many times in life, we can be deterred or discouraged from maximising our potential, learning a new skill or developing a talent because we hit a hurdle or face a difficulty. Our training programmes recognise that setbacks are a necessary part of the learning process, within which people can ‘bounce back’ better, stronger and with increased motivation.

Technical & Non-Technical Training

Whether you’re seeking traditional training solutions as part of a CPD requirement, have recently taken on a trainee or newly qualified colleague at the start of their career, or have a member of staff with unfilled potential, Thrive can help!

Make sure your skills and knowledge are up to date, to engage with your team members and be able to support, and effectively and efficiently manage their progress, so that they can become a more productive, satisfied and fulfilled employee.  Your team’s needs change as their experience grows and your approach should adapt accordingly.

Our non-technical learning content focuses on themes of Leadership & Management, Coaching & Mentoring and can incorporate specific content depending on your needs and circumstances.

Face to Face or Virtual Learning 

Thrive’s training programmes are individually created to suit each and every situation, team and business requirement.  We love the energy and engagement of face-to-face occasions, but recognise that virtual sessions are efficient and effective, and can be just as interactive and engaging.

Thrive’s The Lunch Train programme employs the best of virtual learning, delivering short bite-sized training modules which builds knowledge, skills and behaviours over successive sessions.  This popular programme provides flexibility to clients and our shorter training modules can also be slotted into a busy schedule.

Unlock & Lock-In

Each training programme at The Thrive Consultancy will be supported by pre & post-training material to help our delegates maximise their self-development time and lock away the training.

The Unlock Activity – Pre-training material will be distributed in advance of a training programme to gently introduce the training subject, getting minds ready for the training.

The Lock-In Activity – Post-training material will help delegates securely embed what they have learnt.